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Direct Practice - Health Care for Insured & Uninsured Alike

Dr. Davis has chosen not to contract with any insurance companies. The vast majority of health plans do not allow a contracted provider to have patients pay at the time of the visit. This requires practices to spend significant time and overhead on billing and tracking down denied payments. This drives up overhead costs, which drives the office to see more people to break even, so you end up paying for it with shorter visits.

Private Insurances

Patients with any insurance can enroll in the practice, but your insurance plan is between you and your insurance company. Dr. Davis does not contract with any insurance plans, and is therefore considered an "out of network provider."

After you pay for services provided by Meliora Family Medicine, we will give you a form that you then mail to your health insurance company. Your insurance company then determines your reimbursement based on the terms of your plan. You will continue to give your insurance information to the lab, specialist office, or hospital for services outside of Meliora.

Certain HMO’s usually require you to have an “in network provider” for referrals outside of Meliora to be covered. This may include all labs, tests and specialist referrals. Be sure and check your plan’s details regarding their practices, as this is your responsibility.

The annual access fee itself is not covered by any insurance.


Patients with Medicare are welcome to join the practice, but Dr. Davis is not contracted with Medicare. She is considered "opted-out". Any services provided by Dr. Davis are not covered and not reimbursable by Medicare due to federal regulations. This means that you will need to sign a private contract and pay out of pocket. Services ordered by me, such as your prescriptions, oxygen therapy, physical therapy, home health care and the like, will continue to be covered by Medicare, as long as you are not enrolled in a Medicare HMO plan. You must find out the rules of your particular agreement.

As long as your Medicare service provider is not an HMO, services provided by other facilities and physicians who are contracted with Medicare will continue to be covered by Medicare, even if you are a member of my practice. If it is an HMO plan, you will likely still need an "in-network provider" to order labs, test, and referrals. Be sure to check the details.


Patients with Medicaid are welcome to join the practice, but Dr. Davis does not accept Medicaid payments. Please discuss your situation with Dr. Davis directly to see if any financial assistance is available.


Dr. Davis hopes that patients without insurance will find Meliora Family Medicine a refreshing change. Meliora's fee schedules are designed to make primary care affordable and accessible to everyone, insured or not. By publicizing fees and keeping them very simple, Dr. Davis hopes to help consumers make educated decisions about healthcare costs and the value they get for their money.

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